Applied Thermal Systems, Inc. is proud to offer the following quality products for your process heating and control needs.

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Watlow Electric Corporation - Specializing in electric heater elements, temperature controls, data acquisition, load switching devices, non-contact sensors, and much more.
Danaher Controls
Danaher Controls
Danaher Controls - Selling Eagle Signal, Veeder-Root and Dynapar brand counters, timers and controls.
Exergen Corporation specializes in non-contact infrared thermocouples and hand-held infrared scanners.
Exor Electronic R&D manufactures industrially hardened OITs and industrial computers.
Monitouch HMI manufactures high image quality and Ethernet enabled OITs.

Nortech Engineering is a leading manufacturer of Industrial PCs and Monitors.

Idec Corporation specializes in: PLC's, OIT's, and Multiplexing Interface Terminals.
ATC Logo
ATC Corporation specializes in timers and Photoeyes.
ATC Diversified
ATC/Diversified Electronics handles power monitoring and switching equipment.
Heat trace cable & accessories.
IBOCO - Providing wiring duct, flexible ducting, and cable wraps.
ASI, Inc. offers terminal blocks, circuit breakers, power supplies, and other power-related panel components.
Sprecher + Schuh provides contactors, motor protection products, motor starters, circuit breakers, and relays.
EE Controls / AEG offers contactors, motor starters, circuit breakers, and relays. - Product info coming soon!
Jefferson Electric offers control transformers, single- and three-phase ventilated transformers, and buck boost transformers.

Technical Heaters specializes in Heated Hose products.

Bucan Electric Heating Devices Inc.
Immersion, Tubular, Flexible, Cartridge, Band,
Strip, Coil, Cable, Drum, Enclosure, Duct,